Economic Support Payment

Did you receive the Economic support payment? As we know, this Government payment, announced on 12th March 2020, is an attempt to address economic impacts of the global coronavirus (for more info: Many households across our beautiful county received $750 into their bank account, with payments starting last Wednesday, the 15th of July.

What would be a good use for those extra dollars?

Now, of course you can use those extra funds to buy extra groceries, have a nice meal or barbie on the deck with family or friends. Or, now the hotels are taking bookings again, you could pay for that much longed for short break and enjoy some family time away. Some might even contemplate some time away from the family after the lock down experience. Either way, spending the $750 could be quite enjoyable and the money gone before you know it.

An other way to use this financial could be one with more longevity, you could put it towards installing solar panels on your roof. Yes, it is a bit of an expense, especially at this time, but (depending on consumption and size of the solar system), you could earn your investment back in just 3 years! Imagine that.. Not paying for electricity anymore and contributing to the environment at the same time! You would still remember the bonus in ten years time when you receive your incredibly reduced power bills. It seems like a no brainer. Contact BSS Solar now for a chat!

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