BSS Solar and Electrical feels it is vital to do business in an honest way, to provide clear and upfront communication and of course to supply quality installations with appropriate warranty.

Hence we will comply with the Code of Conduct as described below and we are in the application for Clean Energy Council approved retailer.

The CEC retailer code aims to proactively address issues that adversely affect consumers and the reputation of the PV industry.



  • We will protect our customer against dishonest or misleading advertising and sales tactics, and ensure that sales representatives act ethically at all times during marketing campaigns and when dealing with consumers.
  • We will provide our customer with the necessary written information to enable full understanding and awareness of their purchase.


  • We will respect our customer's legal rights relating to cooling-off periods, deposits and refunds, and ensure that our customer has the opportunity to cancel a contract where changes are made after point of contract that are not approved in writing.
  • Our customer receives a system that is installed correctly, in accordance with existing legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines.
  • Our customer is provided with a standard minimum warranty period covering the operation and performance of the entire system, and that the retailer is responsible for addressing any problems relating to workmanship or product that arise during this period.


  • We will provide the required documentation after the PV system is installed, and ensure our customer is fully aware of who is responsible for the provision of the relevant documentation.

General business

  • We will adhere to all existing legislation and regulations, and maintain consistent business practices including, but not limited to, effective complaint handling procedures and cancellation procedures.

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