Work in Progress

New Farm tower solar installation Part 2

Our New Farm solar installation is progressing nicely. Today we had eight BSS guys on site, two roofers, three apprentices and three electricians.

The cables from the envoy control board to the main switch board were a sight to behold, eight floors down and through two firewalls. The weather held out for us although it was looking a bit grey and threatening at the end of the day.

Problem solving

We had a little hick up with the delivery of the chassis for the mainswitch board (had to be replaced because of cracks in the insulation) was ordered for next month due to a glitch in the supplier’s computer system. But with a joint effort, quick responses and an overnight courier, we will still be able to have it in the board in time. Nothing but a bit of extra challenge to keep us all on our toes!

Weather permitting we should all be finished tomorrow.

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