Spring in Full Swing!

We can definitely notice that wildlife in and around Brisbane is very active at the moment for sure. The perks of living in Australia! The creatures we come across in quiet, big or little hiding holes in properties everywhere are definitely interesting and they sure add a bit of excitement to our daily jobs.

Python in the ceiling

Beautiful python skin, the 2.5 m owner was snoozing in the loft.

We are a bit cautious, especially in spring season when opening a switch board or entering a ceiling space. This beautiful snake skin above belonged to an impressive python who lived in North Brisbane. The magnificent specimen looked very content rolled up in a corner of the ceiling space, so we safely circled around it.

Cute switchboard inhabitant

Convincing this friendly tree snake to move out of the switchboard
Which is a bit hard if you just found a nice and cosy spot

A bit less impressive was this little green tree snake hiding in the switch board. He felt right at home amongst the wires, pretty much the same size as itself. Luckily one of the boys knew how to carefully remove it, so we could start preparing the board for our solar installation.

Not only snakes

As we all know, snakes aren’t the only things that can bit you in Queensland. No, we are lucky enough to have more species with sharp fangs. Look at this beauty of a huntsman. They are pretty relaxed though, and it is easy to shoo it away, with the slightest bit of movement they move around the corner. Guess they prefer the peace and quiet of an empty switchboard.

Footnote: no animals were harmed in the making of this post :-).

We can work around the wildlife while still getting your quality electrical or solar job done.

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