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Our solar installations are high quality and costumised for your individual situation.

We use quality components and material and our staff is highly qualified for a no-hassle installation and to make sure you are happy with your investment.


Is your solar system still performing?

Your system needs a regular check up to make sure you reap the maximum benefits of it. We check, clean panels and fix up any issues that may have crept in over time.

We offer special maintenance deals and packages.


Great value quality solar systems. We will make sure that you get the most out of your system and only install quality material. No quick plunk and run installs for us!

If you are experiencing any concerns or issues with your existing solar power system, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our excellent solar experts are capable of diagnosing and fixing any solar energy problems you may be experiencing with your system.


$ 3,999*
  • Basic 6.6 kW system
  • Inverter: Solis 5 kW
  • Panels: Tier 1 - 21x Akcome 315 SK6610M
  • Warranty: 25 years on panels, 5 or 10 years on inverters plus 10 year on workmanship


$ 4,999*
  • Standard 6.6 kW system
  • Inverter: Sungrow 5kW
  • Panels: Tier 1 - 20x Seraphim 330
  • Warranty: 25 years on panels, 5 or 10 years on inverters plus 10 year on workmanship


$ 6,999*
  • Premium 6.6 kW system
  • Inverter: Fronius Primo 5kW
  • Panels: Tier 1 - 20x Jinko Cheetah PERC 60M HC 330W
  • Warranty: 25 years on panels, 5 or 10 years on inverters plus 10 year on workmanship

*Minimum costs. Conditions apply.

Need a custom plan? Get in touch we are happy to discuss your requirements.


We are very particular about the material we choose to use. Your solar system is a long term investment and should consist of quality parts and panels that last. This is a selection of our favourite suppliers. Have a chat with us to see which material and design would be the best for your individual situation.

Fronius solar inverters

Fronius inverters, designed and build in Austria, are top of the range for domestic and commercial solar systems. Customisable and extendable, we use these in many of our installations. The software is very accessible and intuitive, it is easy for you to see what your new solar system is actually producing.

Jinko solar panels

We like Jinko solar panels. They look good, perform well and the factory is known for their excellent warranty in the rare occasion that anything does happen to the panels.


A very affordable alternative. Decent lasting quality.

Growatt inverters

A solid quality inverter perfectly suited for domestic installations. A standard interface and software for checking your production.

Enphase systems

Enphase is particularly useful where there are shadow areas on the roof to make sure you still get optimal production.

It's simple!



Make an appointment with one of the sales person for a no nonsense chat about the best options for your needs.



Our install team will arrive on the day agreed and will inform you what will happen during the install.



After you meter has been changed over by your retailer the system can be turned on and the saving starts!

Recent solar installations

A few examples of some solar installations we have done recently.

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