Trend in larger solar systems

At BSS Solar and Electrical we have recently noticed there is an increased demand for larger systems.

Our customers seem to realise more and more that they need more power for their increased electricity requirements.

If you have a pool, a large house, ducted aircon and a multitude of devices for family members, especially now many are working from home more often, it may be beneficial to consider a larger system.

Obviously the initial investment is larger, but it could save you in the long run and you could get return on your investment sooner.

Contact us for chat to us about the best options for your home or business, we are happy to advise!

Power usage

With our homes growing in size and increasing technology, we use more electricity as well. A larger system may be a good consideration, depending on your property and cicumstances.

FIT Solar feed in tariff

Excess power that your system generates and you don’t use, can go back to the grid and what you get paid for this (depending on your electricity provider) adds to the benefits of a larger system. You can feed in up to 5kW per day back according to the Energex regulations.


With the expenses you save on electricity and the the income of the energy you feed back in to the grid, you may get a return on investment sooner with a larger system (depending on your circumstances), despite the larger initial investment.

Gold Coast solar installation

The above solar system is a typical example of this, a new installation we have just completed in Hollywell at the Gold Coast.

The specs of this installation are:

  • 15 kw Sungrow inverter 3 phase
  • 56 panels Longi (350W)
  • Two story building

The owner wanted everything to look smart and sharp so we avoided use of conduit outside the building and ran it behind the gyprock walls to achieve this goal. He was happy to fix any small holes that we had to create to make this happen as well as some around the inverter as this is what it took to remove the current 24 panel system. The owner will also contract someone to create a shield over the exit points of the conduits on he roof (see above picture of shield).

A little bit more work, but the final result will look and work great!

Considering solar?

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