Russell Island Installation

SMBI installations

We recently did this installation on Russell Island. We like to go the SMBI (South Moreton Bay Islands), whether it be Russell Island, Macleay Island, Lamb or Karragarra Island.

We are there quite a bit for our solar installations! One of our guys just bought a property on Russell Island and a some of us have family on the islands too, so we are getting to know the area and community quite well now.

It is very relaxing to go on the morning barge and zip on a coffee while enjoying the sea breeze and the views, great start of the day.

This installation on Russell Island was a 10kW, which means 13.2kW of solar panels, distributed over the 2 x 5 kW Solis inverters with a 5 kW export limit as per Energex regulations.

We managed to do a tidy install, got it all up and running, do a double check it all and still managed be in time for the barge back. Easy peasy!

Solar on the islands?

Contact us for a chat if you are interested about solar panels for your home or business. You could be without a power bill and the average return on investment is only around the 3 years (depending on system size and usage).

All our installations come with our extensive warranty: 25 years on panels, 5 or 10 years on inverters plus 10 year on workmanship.

Contact us for a chat about the options for you!