Power Blues?

Are you suffering from the burden of an old and inefficient solar system?

Not seeing much of a credit on your power bill as you used to? Or so you simple have unreliable grid power from the street? Today’s client was a three phase country property which consists of a pool, three phase ducted airconditioning and split air conditioners in each bedroom, a large shed, three fridges, electric cooking appliances and a septic tank, among every other day to day item them use. Add all of this up and it becomes a big power bill during the summer months!

When our client purchased this property, it came with two small solar systems. A 3kw north facing system on the house, and a 2 kw west facing system on the shed. While these systems may have been the you-beaut technology back in their hay days, they are now rather outdated and lacking in performance to keep up with the power hungry needs of the house.

We have installed one of the newly released Sungrow SG10RT three phase inverters powered by 36 Seraphim 370w modules. From our calculations, this system alone should produce over 20mWh over a 12 month period alone! But that’s not all! Where our client comes from in Victoria, they are used to running a generator for up to 12 hours a day due to the grid instability and unreliability. So alongside the 13.3kw solar system we have wired and installed the cabling for a 7.5kw petrol generator to feed 2/3 of the house with power in the event of a grid failure. This will ensure that no matter the weather or the circumstances, our clients will always have the lights on, the phones charged, and the drinks cold.

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