Ain’t No Tower High Enough

New Farm tower solar installation Part 1

The Project

This week BSS solar and electrical are working on an exciting commercial solar installation for our good friends at Driftwind Electrical. We set out to install ninety two panels on two different apartment towers. They are connected and each tower is about thirty meter high.

Enphase solar

It was decided it was going to be an Enphase system. The reason for this is that there are shading issues on the roof during the day, which can dramatically reduce the solar production.

Enphase is a system in which every solar panel has its own individual inverter. This ensures every single panel produces optimally, even when other panels of the system are in the shade. A great option for your home or business if your roof is partially in the shade!

Click here for more information about Enphase.

Preparing the installation

A job like this takes a bit of planning and preparation. The design of the system has to be thoroughly considered, taking all the requirements and aspects of the building and situation into account. Then it needs to be checked and double checked and often adjusted. All to make sure we achieve maximum yield of the system. Based on that timing and material is organised. Obviously vital is that all the material is there when we start and that we have staff ready to go.

The first day on the job mainly consists of organising the team and locations on site, getting the gear up to the most efficient place on the roof. There is a lift in the buildings, but in the interest of saving time a crane comes in handy. As you can see in the pictures below, it is a pretty spectacular site.

In the meantime the boys on the roof are starting to put the feet in. Because as much as we love the view from here, we can’t get too distracted as Friday will be the shut down of both buildings, so everything needs to be connected and fired up then.

Time is ticking and the pressure is on!

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