The Real Cost of Cheap Solar

Australia offers some of the cheapest solar systems in the world as the Australia Government channels some of the existing electricity charges into rebates for purchasers of solar systems. Depending on the size of the residential system the Government “rebate” will be between $2500 and $3500 for many average residential systems.

Cheap solar advertising, big discounts and reputable company, right?

Unfortunately some very cheap solar systems also use the cheapest and lower quality material, usually made in China. They then add a lot of promises and long warranties to these systems to make you feel you get quality.


When the price is very cheap and the promises and warranties look very promising…

You will could well end up with headaches and low savings. The key problems are, due to the low price point, issues with poor quality products, mediocre installation work and non existent after-sales service.

Warranties could be useless, because if trouble starts with too many failing systems on many roofs, these ‘Phoenix companies’ simply liquidate and restart under a new brand and restructured ownership. This leaves you with failing gear on your roof, and costly removals or repairs. Unfortunately little has been done address this. For example if a director of a liquidated company had registration number, end customers can easily check how many liquidated companies they have already had.

How can such a low price be achieved, when quality equipment of a similar system is sold for much more?

  • Poor quality Chinese panels
  • Overseas labourers on temporary visas, often desperate for cash are installing with little solar knowledge, often leading to broken tiles and future water issues in roof cavities
  • Appropriate electrical safety rules not followed creating future danger for your families
  • Safety equipment such as harness and safety rails are not used
  • Cheaper smaller cables than recommended used, leading to electricity loss
  • Inverters of short life and low quality
  • Roof top isolator without UV protection causing cracking and water entering in a few short years


The customer has the impression that they deal with a large secure company. The truth is that this business is ready to go bankrupt in one year and will not support the warranty, leaving their customers in the dark.

Do not take the risk and only consider established reputable Australian companies for your solar investment. You will not regret it. BSS Solar is owned and managed by locals and employes local installers and electricians. We supply quality material and we will be there, if you ever need to fall back on warranty.

Contact us for a chat or let us give you a customised solar quote, based on your property and circumstances.

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