We Do Like a Challenge

Solar installation in Newcastle by BSS Solar and Electrical

BSS Solar received a request to install a solar system on this story beautiful house in Newcastle, three stories with a 45 degree terracotta tile roof.

The customer had been in touch with several solar companies, but none of them was keen because of the position and the tilt of the roof. We do like a challenge, so we replied with a wholehearted ‘yes’.

Before we start we did the safety assessment. This is paramount. We want our staff to work safely so everyone can get home in one piece at the end of the day. Setting up the harnesses is the first and very important aspect.

The installation of the feet for the rails was exciting, hanging in the harness and grinding tiles to be able to put them in. Once the feet were in and the rail was on the boys could relax a bit more, as now they had grip on the rail and they could use it to stand on, a stable work area.

With a secured ladder between the gables and roof staff safely in harnesses they could start paneling. Team work, one holding the panel on the rail while the other was screwing it down.

The design of the panels was over the top area and to make optimal use of the northwest position the panels were mounted tilted. It was a slow procedure, definitely worth while. It all worked beautifully in the end!

The job took two days to finish and we received great feedback from the customer. He was impressed with the quality and care that was taken during the installation.

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