How COVID-19 affected the solar industry

Covid19 has thrown all of our lives, in Australia and worldwide, in turmoil. ‘Unprecedented times’ was a common phrase used in the news to describe this. We all got thrown back to the basics, many of us working from home and/or homeschooling. The pace slowed down for many of us (but not for teachers and essential workers!). No more international travel and peak hour traffic and sadly, there were job and business losses all around. People reflected on life, economics, needs, the planet and society in general.

Many industries and business got into a downwards spiral. Lucky for us, not so much the solar industry. If anything, the advantages of a cost-effective, environment-friendly way of generating power for your home (office) were probably highlighted.

At BSS Solar we have only been slightly less busy in the weeks when the uncertainty was highest and lock down the way to stop the spread. But we did well, one of the lucky countries in the world! It is probably still a long way to economic recover, but business is taking off for BSS again.

When you are (partly) working from home, cooking your own food, keeping your house comfortable, you really do appreciate what you could save on power bills in the long run by having a solar system installed.

Our installers work COVID safe and interact in a social responsible manner. There is no need to wait anymore. Have a chat with us!

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